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Video Editor - YouTube

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Video Editor

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Video Editor vacancy To work for Social Media and Talent Management company

We are looking for a video editors to edit and produce videos for rising Social Media creators, focusing heavily on YouTube. We are looking for someone who is familiar with the Youtuber Community. Job Responsibilities: -Create and edit original videos on YouTube and other social platforms, using creative storytelling and editing to produce the best possible video. -Pitch ideas for shows, produced stories and other video ideas for the teams YouTube channels and other video distribution outlets. -Understand YouTube and social metrics to help adjust YouTube and social video strategy. Job Qualifications: 2+ years experience in video editing. A strong understanding of YouTube and other social platforms to understand how video works best on each platform we're making content for. Experience with Adobe Premiere. Experience with Adobe After Effects and adding graphics to video also preferred. Familiarity with the YouTube community. Familiarity with YouTube metrics and other social media metrics Strong organizational skills with experience working in a fast-paced environment with multiple projects happening at once. Working knowledge of video and content management systems for digital platforms .

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